Can my student go faster than 30 weeks in Shormann Precalculus?

Yes, this program is totally self-paced so you are free to do it in whatever amount of time you have. However, to do the program you need to do it the way Dr. Shormann intends for it to be used. This means that you need to watch the lecture for each lesson and keep a notebook of lecture notes. The lengths of the lectures vary, although after those first review lessons the other lectures average about 17-20 minutes each. After the lecture you are to do the practice set, making sure you are submitting each answer to see if it is right. If it is wrong, you need to go back and review the concepts and learn/relearn them so you can do your best. After the practice set is submitted you need to look at the solutions and write all questions you missed in your notebook. As you can see, all of this takes time. But from our perspective you buy the program for 24 months, you decide how best to do it.

I will add, however, that Dr. Shormann recommends doing math for about one and a half hours a day, instead of doing a lesson each day. He feels that students are more inclined to go back and review concepts if they are not pressured to finish an entire lesson each day. The next day they simply begin where they ended the day before.

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