How do I earn 1 full credit of Geometry in Saxon Math?

Technically, 1/3 credit of Geometry is earned in Saxon Algebra 1 and another 1/3 in Saxon Algebra 2 (complete all 129 lessons).

The remaining credit can be earned in the first 40 lessons of Saxon Advanced Math, the first 40 lessons of Shormann Precalculus, or completing all of Shormann Algebra 2.

Shormann Precalculus is recommended instead of Saxon because, unlike the other Saxon texts, Saxon Advanced Math does not have the lesson reference numbers next to each homework problem, which causes many students to struggle.

Shormann Math courses are self-paced eLearning course that have lesson references with direct links to the video lecture that teaches that concept, as well as a link to a similar example problem. Learn More: What should I take after Saxon Algebra 2

Students who do not want or need to take Precalculus, can take Shormann Algebra 2 to complete the Geometry credit. This course reviews all the geometry in Saxon Algebra 2 and teaches the topics required to earn the remaining credit of geometry.  It can be listed as a geometry credit on the transcript and it provides excellent preparation for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT  as well as the CLEP College Algebra exam which can earn 3 college credits and can be listed as an advanced algebra credit on the high school transcript.  To ensure your student is ready
for these courses, please see: What should I take after Saxon Algebra 2

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