My student will not finish the Shormann Math course before summer

Here are 3 options for completing your course:

OPTION 1: Continue through the Summer

Like playing piano or running, to maintain fluency you must practice. It will be faster and easier to continue math through the summer. However, to develop fluency, the student must work on math a minimum of 4 days for an hour to an hour and a half per day and complete a minimum of 3 lessons per week.

OPTION 2: Take a Summer Break

While some fluency will be lost, it can be regained by retaking the last 10-15 Practice Sets. If a two month break is taken, repeat the last 10 lessons. If 3 months, repeat the last 15 Practice Sets. Students should complete these Practice Sets on paper using the PDF of The textbook which is posted on the Course Home page.

Take a 3-4 week break

Another option is to continue workin on math through May, take a 3-4 week break, then complete the course and do the CLEP prep. Since it is a short break, they will only need to repeat the last 5 Practice Sets. This way, they will start Precalculus on time.

Important: Retaking the Practice Set

Since the student has already taken these Practice Sets once, and can see the answers, you may want to have the student solve all the questions in the Practice Set on paper using the textbook (PDF is posted on the Course Home page) then enter their answers in the eLearning system. Don't forget to follow all the steps in the Practice Set Instruction Sheet!

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