My Shormann Math Course Expired or Will Expire before I finish.

To ensure students have more than enough time to complete them, Shormann Math courses have the following subscription times:

  • Pre-Algebra: 12 Months
  • Algebra 1 - Calculus: 24 Months

If your course expired before the full subscription, please send an email with your student's name, order #, email address, and course title to

If you need more time or need to renew for a sibling, please see the following options below:

Extend a Subscription (same student) $39

Free Grade Report
If you only need the grades from your course, Request a Grade Report

Sibling Subscription $39
To purchase or learn more about a discounted subscription for a sibling in your household: What is a Sibling Subscription and how do I buy one?


I don't need 12 months, can I get a shorter extension at a reduced or no cost?
The eLearning system charges us for each student enrolled, for up to 12 months. If we re-enroll the student for 2 days or 12 months, we are charged the same fee.

I only want my grades.
If all you need is a grade report, please see: Request a Grade Report

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