Preparing for the ACT and Redesigned PSAT & SAT

Continual Review + Integrated Geometry = Higher Exam Scores

Both Saxon & our new Shormann Interactive Math utilize John Saxon’s unique teaching methods of incremental lessons, continual review, and integrated geometry. These methods build long-term retention, increase recall speed, and, over time, develop fluency (speed and accuracy). Fluency improves the student’s ability to apply math in real-world situations like science and engineering, as well as standardized tests, which results in higher test scores.

Redesigned PSAT and SAT Exams (2015)

In 2015, the College Board released redesigned PSAT and SAT exams which require a deeper understanding of functions and equations that are lacking in Saxon Math. Therefore, Dr. Shormann published a new curriculum, Shormann Interactive Math, specifically designed to meet these new requirements. Including technology applications, computer math, and real world word problems, this 21st Century curriculum features expert video instruction, interactive homework, quizzes and exams that are auto-graded, video solutions, and Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann.

Shormann Interactive Math Students

All the concepts required to excel on the ACT, and redesigned PSAT, SAT, are taught in Shormann Algebra 1 & 2. Each homework set has at least one practice problem from a PSAT, SAT, or ACT. By the end of Algebra 2, hundreds of practice problems have been completed. Therefore, Shormann Math students do not require additional preparation time. Instead, they spend 3-5 weeks taking timed practice tests to familiar with the tests and how to pace themselves. The College Board has 4 free, full-length practice tests for the New SAT here:

Saxon Math Students

Saxon Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math were written over twenty years ago and do not teach all the required concepts for the redesigned PSAT and SAT. This does not mean Saxon Math is no longer recommended. However, additional time is required to prepare for these new exams.

6-8 Weeks before the exam:

Complete Saxon Algebra 2 (2nd or 3rd edition) and the first 40 lessons of Advanced Math, 2nd Edition

ACT VS SAT: Which one should I take?

After completing Shormann Algebra 2, and before studying or preparing for the exam, take a practice SAT and a practice ACT exam at home. Select the test you score the highest and prepare for that exam using the guidelines above.

When should I take college entrance exams?

To become familiar with how the tests are administered, students should take the exams at least once, preferably twice, before 11th grade.

  1. Take the PSAT exam in the fall of 9th and 10th grade. It is not necessary to study for this exam. The main purpose here is to become familiar with how the exam is administered. Then when it really counts, you won’t be worried about where to get a drink of water, etc. Even if you score well, you will not be qualified for the National Merit Scholarship, unless you graduate a year early.

  2. Take the PSAT in the fall of 11th grade. This is the only time your score is qualified for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

  3. Take SAT and/or the ACT in the spring or summer of 11th grade.

  4. If needed, the SAT and ACT can be taken again in the fall of 12th grade and the scores can be added to your admissions and scholarship applications.

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