What is TruePractice?

All Shormann Math courses contain TruePracticeTM. What is TruePractice? Well, think about how you learn a sport. During practice, if you make a mistake, the mistake is discussed and, if you have a good coach, you immediately regroup and try again. That’s how homework is designed in Shormann Math.

When a homework problem is attempted, immediate right/wrong feedback is provided. If the answer is wrong, a small penalty is assesed, and the student can re-learn and try again! Rather than “spoiling” them with an answer, TruePractice™ encourages students to stay engaged, building mastery and fluency.

Does TruePractice™ work? Data obtained from our courses shows that, on most problems, students get the question right on the first or second try. By providing TruePracticeTM, students need less homework (compared to Saxon), because the immediate feedback encourages students to stay engaged longer on individual problems until that “aha” moment is achieved!

If mastery doesn’t come right away, that’s okay! Students will see the same concept repeated in future homework sets. Just like a good sports coach wouldn’t expect all players to understand a new play on the first day, TruePractice™ gives students time to develop new skills.

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