What do I need to purchase for Shormann Math?

This self-paced eLearning course includes everything you need. Video lectures for every lesson, interactive homework, video solutions to every homework question, weekly quizzes, and quarterly exams. All assignments feature automated grading and grade recording.

There is also an eTextbook, eSolutions Manual, and eTeacher's Guide that can be downloaded for offline access. These items are printable but, if using the eLearning system, it is not necessary to print them. If you have decent internet access, the eLearning system is recommended because it is faster and more efficient at developing long-term retention and fluency, which makes learning math faster and easier. The eLearning system is very similar to the systems now used by most college math classes. Students who learn to use this system now, will do better in college math classes.

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How can online assignments be printed or saved?

Is it necessary to print the eText, eSolutions Manual, or eTeacher Guide?

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