If Rainbow Science Year 1 was taken, does the student need to take DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics before taking Biology?

The biological processes learned in biology are driven by chemical reactions. Therefore, a good understanding of introductory chemistry is required to learn high school biology. Unfortunately, Rainbow Science Year 1 does not teach all the required introductory chemistry concepts.

Dr. Shormann's Recommendations for students who took Rainbow Science Year 1:

  • If your student plans to take the AP Biology exam, DIVE ICP is required. We have an Accelerated Schedule that allows students to fill in these gaps and build a firm foundation for Biology in about 12 weeks.
  • If your student does not plan to take the AP Biology exam, DIVE ICP is recommended but not required. Keep in mind, most colleges only require 3 high school lab sciences. So if your student has at least 3 years of high school left, there is plenty of time to take ICP, then Biology, then Chemistry.
May 6, 2021

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