Placement: Science

  • Science Student Placement: Which course is right for my student?

    Select the link below to determine the recommended course for your student. This page also has a list of math prerequisites and frequently asked questions about student placement in DIVE Science ( Science: Student Placement Chart (
  • What should I take after Abeka 8th Grade science?

    If the student will be taking Algebra 1, Integrated Chemistry and Physics ( is recommended.
  • If Apologia Physical Science was taken, does the student need to take Integrated Chemistry and Physics?

    The biological processes learned in biology are driven by chemical reactions. Therefore, a good understanding of introductory chemistry is required to learn biology. While DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics (ICP) (
  • My student completed 8th Grade Science with Abeka or Bob Jones

    If your student will be taking Algebra 1 or higher, Dr. Shormann recommends DIVE Integrated Physics and Chemistry Self-Paced eLearning Course ( If your student will be taking Pre-Algebra (or Saxon 8/...
  • My student is going into 9th grade and taking Pre-Algebra (or Saxon 87). Can he take Biology instead of ICP?

    Instead of Biology, Dr. Shormann recommends DIVE Earth Science ( which can be used as a high school science credit. Then, take ICP in 10th grade, Biology in 11th grade and Chemistry (or Physics) in 12th grade. Earth Sci...
  • My student is taking Algebra 1 (or Geometry), can he take DIVE Chemistry?

    The prerequisite for DIVE Chemistry, is Algebra 2 has been completed or is being taken along with DIVE Chemistry. You may want to consider DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics which provides excellent preparation for honors level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I posted some information abou...
  • My student is taking pre-algebra, can he take DIVE ICP?

    Unless your student is taking Algebra 1 or higher, ICP will be very difficult and, therefore, will not properly prepare him for Biology.  See Dr. Shormann's recommendations for your student here: Science Student Placement: Which course is right for my student? (
  • My student took Apologia Physics and will be taking Precalculus or higher.

    While Apologia Physics is more of an introductory physics course, DIVE + Saxon Physics is a college preparatory physics course which prepare students for the AP Physics 1&2 exams as well as the AP Physics C exams. Therefore, Dr. Shormann recommends DIVE + Saxon Physics (https://diveintomath.c...
  • Placement: DIVE Science for 7th, 8th, & 9th Grade

    Math is the language of science, an important tool used to discover and better understand the world God created. Therefore, placement in a DIVE Science course is determined by the student's math level at the time he/she is starting the course. Find your student's grade and math level below to det...
  • Student is in 8th grade taking Algebra 1 and has a learning disability

    If your student is in 8th grade and taking Algebra 1, our general recommendation is DIVE ICP ( However since your student has ADHD you may want to consider DIVE Earth Science (