Quizlet Issues

  • The Quizlet account is not tied to your eLearning account.
  • The grades for the Quizlet flashcards are NOT stored in the eLearning course grade book.
I have two students using eLearning. After one student does the flashcards, when the second student does them, it shows completed.

The Quizlet Flashcards site keeps cookies to “remember” how many cards you have studied.

If you have multiple students doing eLearning courses on the same device it may cause confusion for the second student studying Quizlet cards, as the site will show which cards the first student studied.

To resolve this issue, you can either clear the cookies in your browser after each student studies the cards by following the steps on the article here, OR you can create a free account in Quizlet for each student, and have them sign into their account each day when completing math/science. Have your student sign out when they are finished for the day.

Quizlet: How to Print or Save Flashcards

Sep 7, 2021

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