Tech Support

  • Are DIVE iTunes U courses available?

    Apple has announced they plan to discontinue iTunes U for private users. However, we have updated all of our DIVE iTunes U courses to our new VHX Download & Stream format. This platform has an iOS app with a very simple interface similar to the iTunes U app. However, VHX is compatible with An...
  • Can I change the playback speed of the eLearning videos?

    The player in the eLearning course does not have this feature. However, you can right-click the video, download it, then play it in Elmedia or VLC Player (App Store). Please click the link below for the instructions on how to change the playback speed for each player. Playback speed in VLC Play...
  • Can I copy my DIVE CD?

    DIVE CDs cannot be copied because it can cause technical issues. However, we do have a new Download & Stream format that can be downloaded and/or streamed on many computers and devices for use by all the children in your household. We are happy to upgrade your CD to this new digital format. ...
  • Can I use a Chromebook (no Java) for the self-paced eLearning courses?

    Yes! While Chromebooks don't support Java, our eLearning system does not use Java to display videos, homework, quizzes, or exams. Therefore, students can use a Chromebook without Java for our self-paced eLearning courses. See eLearning Tech Support for detailed instructions on using Chromebooks.
  • eLearning Grading Issues: Shormann Math

    eLearning Grading Issues
  • eLearning Tech Support

    Please select the link below:  eLearning Tech Support Solutions
  • I can’t open or print my science workbook.

    Please see the Teacher Guide for your course here: DIVE Science Teacher Guides
  • I'm having issues with the my internet speed, what do you recommend?

    Instead of using wireless, plug directly into the router. If you can't, move as close as possible to the router and disconnect all other devices from the internet except the one you are using to view your course. Contact your internet provider and request support.
  • IPad Users: Drag and Drop Issues

    Some iPads have trouble accurately recording Drag and Drop answers. While we are in the process of changing all of those to multiple choice, there are still a few questions that use this feature. If you experience issues, a parent can submit a grade change request or add points to your final gra...
  • I see a blank grey screen.

    There is a quick and easy solution for this. Please select your format and operating system below. CD-ROMs Mac Instructions Windows Instructions Downloads Mac Instructions Windows Instructions
  • My download stops before completing.

    If you are using wi-fi, either plug in directly to the router or get closer to the wi-fi router and have all other computers and devices disconnected from the wi-fi. Also, make sure your computer does not go to sleep during the download as this will interrupt it. If possible, you may want to go t...
  • Power PC Applications No Longer Supported

    This message appears when selecting the wrong file to view the lectures. Follow the steps below: DIVE for Saxon Math Courses Open the CD or folder(downloads), right click the file that ends in .HTML, select Open With, then Safari. This will open the course using the Flash Player plugin in your ...
  • Quizlet Issues

    The Quizlet account is not tied to your eLearning account. The grades for the Quizlet flashcards are NOT stored in the eLearning course grade book. I have two students using eLearning. After one student does the flashcards, when the second student does them, it shows completed. The Quizlet Flash...
  • Sample Lessons

    You can view all the assignments for the first two weeks of lessons for each course at the link below: Sample Lessons
  • Tech Support for SF2/SF3 Versions

    If your CD has an SF2 or SF3 printed to the right of the hole in the CD, use the instructions below. If not, please select Support in the upper right menu, then Tech Support. DIVE lectures are simply videos compressed on a CD-ROM. They don't have any fancy coding or require installation instruct...
  • The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

    There is a quick and easy solution for this issue. Please select your format below and follow the steps there: CD-ROM Download
  • The eLearning System incorrectly marked my answer wrong or is not grading properly.

    While the student may have solved the problem correctly, this issue is generally caused by not following the specific instructions above the question. Often, these instructions will tell the student to enter only one step in the solution or a part of the answer. These types of questions ensure th...
  • VHX: Download & Stream: I did not receive login/download email?

    After purchase, you should receive an email from DIVE into Math and Science titled, "Start Watching...". If you have not received this email, follow these steps: Check your spam, junk, and updates folders as the email often gets stuck there. If not there, enter the email address on your order ...
  • VHX Tech Support

    If you have any problems with your VHX course, please see the article linked below. How do I download or play videos on my computer, TV, or device?