Print or Save Assignments, Results Pages, & Grade Reports

All assignments and results pages (answers) in the eLearning system can be printed and/or saved.

If you are completing the course offline, please see: How to Use Shormann Math Offline

Print Instructions for Firefox

Important: Print and follow the steps on the Instruction Sheet above each assignment.

  • Login to the student’s profile using your Firefox browser.
  • Navigate to the page you want to print.
  • Click the Firefox menu icon (3 lines) in the top right of your browser page.
  • Select Print.
  • A page will appear with options.
  • Select your printer then, Print.

Print Instructions for Chrome

Important: Print and follow the steps on the Instruction Sheet above each assignment.

  • Open the Assignment you want to print *.
  • Click on the Chrome menu button at the top right of your browser (the three dots), and then select Print. The print page dialog window will open.
  • In the dialog window on the left it will show your default printer as the Destination, click Change under the printer’s name.
  • A window will appear with available options and printers. Select the Save As PDF option.
  • Next click save on left side of screen.
  • A page will appear showing the file name and what format it is being saved in. Add the student’s name to the file name box.
  • In the Save-As-Type drop-down, select Adobe Acrobat Document.
  • Then click Save. A copy of the page will be saved as the type you specified in your downloads.

How to Access the Results Page (Answers)

After each assignment is completed, the results page is displayed with the questions, correct answers, and the student's answers. The results page can be saved and either printed or emailed to the parent or teacher.

  • Login to the eLearning course using the student's username and password.
  • Select the course title. This will take you to the Course Home page.
  • Hover your mouse over the student’s name in the top right of the page and select Course Grades in the drop down. This will open the Grade Book.
  • To view the Results page, select the name of the assignment.
  • A summary page will appear. Click Review in the Review column and the Results page will open.
  • If the student has taken the assignment more than once, each attempt is listed.

How to Use Shormann Math Offline

While using the eLearning system is the fastest easiest way for the student to learn, most assignments can be completed offline. This article has important information on How to Use Shormann Math Offline

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