How to view the online Grade Book & Results page.


See: How to Monitor Student Progress


  • Login to the eLearning course using the student's username and password.
  • Select the course title.
  • This will take you to the Course Home page.
  • Scroll down the left menu and select Grades. You can view the grades for each assignment here. The overall grade is not calculated until all the assignments are completed. To calculate a quarterly or semester grade, see the Teacher Guide posted on the Course Home page of the eLearning course.
  • To view the Results page with the questions, correct answers, the student's answers, and links to the solutions, select the grade of the assignment.
  • A summary page will appear.
  • Click the number in the grades column and the Results page will open. If you see Attempt 1, 2, etc, select Attempt 1. Disregard all other attempts.*

*Multiple Attempts

While Practice Sets and Quizzes can be taken multiple times to study for exams, they should not be re-taken to improve grades because after the first attempt, the grade is stored in the online grade book and the Results page is displayed with answers for each question, as well as links to the video and PDF solutions. Since students have seen the answers, the grades for Attempts 2, 3, etc are not calculated in the overall score and the parent should disregard them. Instead of re-taking quizzes and practice sets, students should use the answers to re-learn and correct missed problems as directed on the Instruction Sheet linked above each assignment.


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