LIVE Class Drop, Refund, and Exchange Policy


To switch a student from one LIVE Class to another, and there is a spot available, we are happy to switch your student.  Please send the following email to Please switch (student's first and last name) from (title of Live Class) to (title of Live Class).


  • On or Before MAY 1: Tuition is refundable with a $10 processing fee. Refund Request Form
  • May 2 to August 1: Tuition is not refundable. EXCEPTION: If a student takes your spot before August 1, tuition can be refunded. Refund Request Form
  • August 1 or Later: New students cannot be added. If you drop on August 1or later, tuition is non-refundable.


  • If you would like to exchange a LIVE Class for another product, please request a refund (see Refunds above) then purchase the item(s) on our website.
  • If you would like to exchange an eLearning course for a LIVE Class, please register for the LIVE Class then request a refund for the eLearning course.

Waiting Lists
Instead of a waiting list, we keep a contact list. When a spot opens in a class, we send an email to everyone on the contact list. We also post class openings on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the LIVE Classes tab of the website. If the website allows you to add the Live Class to your cart, a spot is available.

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