I took Saxon Algebra 2 but need to complete my geometry credit in a few months.

The remaining geometry credit can be earned in the first 40 lessons of Shormann Precalculus. However, there is a small gap between Saxon Algebra 2 and Shormann Precalculus. Therefore, we have 16 video lessons from Shormann Algebra 2 that we recommend students watch before starting Shormann Precalculus. But if they complete these, you can list 1 full geometry credit on the transcript.

While you could complete the first 40 lessons of Saxon Advanced Math, Shormann Precalculus is recommended because, unlike the other Saxon texts, Saxon Advanced Math does not have the lesson reference numbers next to each homework problem, which causes many students to struggle.

Shormann Precalculus is a self-paced eLearning course that has these lesson references with direct links to the video lectures that teach that concept, as well as a link to a similar example problem. It features interactive assignments with auto-grading and grade recording, video lessons, video solutions, and Q&A Support which makes learning faster and easier.

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