What should I take after Singapore 6a & b?

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Dr. Shormann recommends these students take Pre-Algebra using our new Shormann Interactive Prealgebra as it does an excellent job of preparing students for Algebra 1. Featuring daily video lessons, interactive homework, automated grading, grade recording, a solutions manual with step-by-step solutions to every problem, Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann this course provides excellent preparation for Algebra 1. Learn more and see the sample course here: Shormann Interactive Prealgebra

If you think your student may be ready for Algebra 1, see this article: Is My Child Ready for Algebra 1?

When used along with our DIVE Earth Science course, the student applies what they learn in math to science, learning math as a God-given tool to study and better understand God and the world He created.

Which DIVE science course is recommended for 8th graders: Earth Science or Integrated Chemistry & Physics?

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