My student used Math U See for pre-algebra. Is my student ready for Shormann Algebra 1?

Reluctant or struggling math students: See the “Reluctant” section below.

Good or strong math students should be ready for Shormann Algebra 1. While there are some gaps between Math-U-See Pre-Algebra and Shormann Algebra 1, the first 25 lessons of Shormann Algebra 1 has review of the pre-algebra concepts needed, as well as fraction, decimal, and percent conversion drills. Some of the most important skills for success in Algebra 1 are fractions, decimals, percents, and converting between them. For all students who did not use Shormann Pre-algebra or Saxon Math 8/7, Shormann Algebra 1 includes ten 5-minute drills to develop fluency in these skills. These drills can be completed before starting Algebra 1 or along with the first 30 lessons of Shormann Algebra 1. to ensure your student is ready, please take the placement test.

Graphing Lines Not Taught in Math-U-See:
We do teach graphing lines in our pre-algebra course (Math 8/7, 3rd Edition) and in Shormann Algebra 1. However, we would not say that this is required knowledge before starting Shormann Algebra 1. As long as the student has completed pre-algebra and you follow the instructions, the student will have the opportunity to learn these concepts in Shormann Algebra 1.

Reluctant & Math Students
We recommend taking Pre-Algebra to develop fluency (speed and accuracy) in the skills required to succeed in Algebra 1. If you think your student is ready for algebra one, please take the placement test.

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