Does the DIVE for Saxon Math course have video solutions to every problem?

John Saxon strongly advised teachers not to provide solutions to homework problems. Instead, he recommended re-teaching the corresponding lesson (in parentheses next to each question). Then, the student should solve the problem on their own. Better than a solution, this provides an opportunity to apply what was learned which builds retention and fluency (speed and accuracy). DIVE provides this re-teaching for you!

When a student is stuck on a problem, simply click the DIVE lecture number that is in parentheses next to each question. For example, if question 15 has (10) next to it, watch DIVE lecture 10 to quickly re-learn the concept. Most of the time, if the student is watching the DIVE lectures, which include instruction not found in the Saxon text, they should be able to solve the problem they were stuck on.

If not, the Saxon Solutions Manual has step-by-step solutions to every problem and Dr. Shormann provides Q&A email support for all original purchasers of DIVE.

Learn more about the differences here: DIVE vs Saxon Teacher

Important Update: DIVE now offers Shormann Interactive Math for Algebra 1 and up which does have video solutions for every homework problem. Because it is hosted in an eLearning system, students cannot watch the video solutions until they have completed all of their homework for that lesson and attempted to re-learn missed concepts. Now we can provide video solutions without negatively affecting fluency. Shormann Math also features, automated grading, grade recording, expert video instruction, Q&A email support, and more. It teaches updated 21st Century topics like computer math, technology applications, and non-standard solutions that are required to excel on the newly redesigned PSAT and SAT, as well the ACT, CLEP, and AP exams. Therefore we now recommend Shormann Math over DIVE/Saxon Math.

Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Shormann has taught Saxon Math to hundreds of thousands of homeschool students around the world. He has used this experience to develop a very unique system that makes learning Saxon faster and easier. See the Student Instruction Sheet in the DIVE Teacher Guide for your course.

John Saxon recommended an experienced Saxon instructor to teach the essential instruction not found in the Saxon text. Designed for use in public schools, the lesson in the Saxon text is only a summary of the teacher's lecture, if needed. The DIVE lectures include this instruction that makes learning faster and easier. Students who watch the DIVE lectures for each lesson and following the steps on the Student Instruction pages in the DIVE Teacher Guide have few questions.

Reviewing previous concepts, he breaks complex concepts into bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand. Unlike other Saxon supplements that basically read the lesson in the book, Dr. Shormann adds instruction where he knows students struggle. Those who receive this expert instruction on the front end are far less likely to need extra help solving problems.

If you haven't already, please be sure to read the DIVE Teacher Guide & Course Instructions posted on our website under Support in the upper right menu. This document has more detailed information on how to use DIVE, a weekly assignment chart, recommended daily procedures, a grade recording from, as well as Dr. Shormann's contact information.

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