The lessons in the Saxon Textbook do not match the ones in my DIVE Lecture.

Do I have the right DIVE course for my Saxon textbook?
If the title and edition of the DIVE video course matches the title and edition of the Saxon textbook you are using, then you can be sure you have the correct DIVE course for your textbook.

Why are the example problems in the DIVE lecture different than the Saxon textbook?
John Saxon trained teachers to present the Saxon lesson using different example problems. This allows the student to use the example problems in the book for additional practice, if needed. It is also important to know that the lesson in the Saxon text is only a brief summary of the lesson that is missing the essential connections between the incremental lessons. However, the DIVE lecture teaches the complete lesson, including these essential connections that make learning Saxon faster and easier. So be sure to watch the DIVE lecture for every lesson.

Does teaching with different example problems confuse the student?
No. During the lecture, the student should not be looking at their textbook. Instead, they should be taking notes and working problems along with Dr. Shormann. Therefore, using different example problems is not confusing at all.
Does the edition of the Saxon textbook match the edition of the DIVE course you are using? If so, you can be sure to have the correct DIVE course. However, as John Saxon recommended, Dr. Shormann presents the lesson using different example problems than the ones in the Saxon text. This provides the practice required to build mastery on the new concept. when needed. During the DIVE lecture, the student should be taking notes and working problems with Dr. Shormann, not reading the textbook. Therefore, presenting alternate example problems does not cause any confusion.

Essential instruction is missing from the lesson in the Saxon textbook.
It’s important to understand that Saxon was originally designed for use in public schools. The lesson in the text assumes the student went to class and had a teacher present the full lesson. Therefore, the lesson in the Saxon text is not the complete lesson, it is only a summary for the student to review later. It is missing the essential instruction that makes learning faster and easier. That’s why we made DIVE!

DIVE lectures break concepts into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand
Dr. Shormann teaches the complete lesson, including the missing instruction that connects the incremental lessons together, creating bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand. Without these connections, the Saxon lessons can appear disorganized and confusing.

DIVE Teacher's Guide
This guide has some really good information on how to use the DIVE course as well as a daily and weekly assignment chart, a grade recording form, and how to contact Dr. Shormann when you need help.

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