How to use DIVE Science in a co-op.

DIVE Science courses were originally designed for use in Dr. Shormann’s onsite co-op classes. For 15 years he taught one day per week in 5 different locations around Houston with over 300 students per year. During that time, he found that students really needed more that one day per week of instruction. However, it was difficult for parents to meet more often. DIVE was the answer to our prayers!

Self-Pace eLearning Course is Recommended

DIVE Science courses are available in three formats: eLearning, Download, and CD-ROM. We recommend the self-paced eLearning format which includes all the components of the CD and Download with the added benefit of interactive worksheets, automated grading, and grade recording. While this makes the teacher's job much easier, the clickable, interactive learning activities with instant feedback make learning more efficient and engaging for the student. Learn more: DIVE Science Format Comparison

At Home

During the week, before attending class, students complete the reading, video lectures, review questions, vocabulary, and facts practices in the eLearning campus. Each time an assignment is completed the student can email the teacher a copy of their work with all the questions, the student’s answer, and the correct answer. This results page can be printed and turned in during class. It is also helpful to have the students watch the video lab before coming to class. This ensures the students are familiar with the procedure and safety protocols.

In Class

Set aside the co-op class time to complete the weekly labs hands-on and/or play games using information from the terms and facts practice assignments for that week. You can also use that time to answer any questions the students have run into during the week (though they are also free to email Dr. Shormann at any time).

An easy way to do the labs is to purchase one lab kit per two or three students and have the students work together in teams. It is helpful to have the lab video displayed on a projector or even a laptop (depending on how large the group is) for the entire class to view at once. Having a visual during the lab procedures is very helpful to the students. Students take notes, make calculations and fill out their lab manual while completing the lab.

The lab kits for our course is sold by Nature's Workshop and includes the equipment required for a majority of the labs. However, some of the required equipment is too expensive or restricted. However, students need to learn how to use this equipment so they watch the video labs while completing their lab manual activity page. This can either be completed in class or at home.

If the video labs are completed at home, a different activity, like a review quiz game or alternative lab activity, can be completed in class. The alternative lab activity does not need to correlate with the DIVE lab topic as the student will learn all the required concepts by watching the video lab.

Student Subscriptions

DIVE Science eLearning courses are licensed per family. Each family pays full price for the first student and a discounted rate ($20*) for each sibling in the immediate family. For example, if DIVE Biology is purchased for Joe, when Joe’s little brother, John, is ready for Biology two years later, a sibling subscription can then be purchased at a discounted rate for John. The sibling subscription price is the same whether the sibling takes the course concurrently (at the same time as Joe ) or several years later. There is no limit on the amount of time between siblings. For more information see Sibling Subscriptions FAQs for Science eLearning Courses.

Teacher Subscriptions (Optional)

A Teacher Subscription can be purchased for full price. This gives the teacher a login to view all of their student’s grades and assignments in one class. The teacher can also change grades and reset assignments. The Teacher Subscription is a 12-month subscription. Teacher Subscriptions are not eligible for Sibling Subscriptions. If your child is in your class, please see student pricing above. Because we have to manually setup the class each year, Teacher Subscriptions cannot be renewed at a discounted rate. Purchase a Teacher Subscription

Teacher Planning

While DIVE Interactive Science eLearning courses are only 32 weeks, a 12-month subscription allows plenty of time for teacher planning.

Important! Free Teacher Guide

Please read the Teacher Guide with Syllabus and Course Instructions document which has a detailed description of each the components and how to use the course. A sample of the course is available here.

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*This price is subject to change. Please visit our website for current pricing.