Why Do You Recommend Integrated Chemistry & Physics before Biology?

The biological processes learned in Biology are driven by chemical reactions. Therefore, a good understanding of introductory chemistry is required to fully understand Biology. In 2010 the name of the Physical Science requirement was changed to Integrated Chemistry & Physics to show that this course should have one semester of introductory chemistry and one semester of introductory physics.  Courses that contain Earth & Space concepts do not cover all the chemistry concepts to properly prepare students for Biology and upper level science courses.

Therefore, Dr. Shormann recommends taking *DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics* which teaches these important concepts.

***Unless your student plans to take the* AP Biology ExamDIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics is recommended, but not required.**

*If your student is taking Algebra 2, and has not taken an Integrated Chemistry & Physics course, they can take Chemistry instead of ICP, followed by Biology, then Physics.*

The Self-Paced eLearning Integrated Chemistry and Physics Course is the recommended format.  Learn More: Recommended Formats for DIVE Science

Please see our recommended course sequence and student placement here: Course Sequence for DIVE Science

May 18, 2023

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