Why Do You Recommend Integrated Chemistry & Physics before Biology?

In 2010, to make it clear that the course should have one full semester of introductory chemistry and one full semester of introductory physics, colleges changed the name of this requirement from Physical Science to Integrated Physics and Chemistry. It should not contain Earth Science concepts as that waters down the chemistry and physics concepts required to excel in upper-level science courses.

Most colleges now require Integrated Chemistry and Physics before Biology. That's because the biological processes learned in Biology are driven by chemical reactions. Therefore, a good understanding of introductory chemistry and physics is required to fully understand Biology. There is a shortage of students majoring in the sciences. Students who understand and do well in science are more likely to study it in college.

DIVE ICP is available as a CD, Download, and eLearning course. Here is a link to the self-paced eLearning course. This is the recommended format of DIVE ICP. Below is a link that explains the differences in the formats.

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