Is Live Class Using Saxon Advanced Math?

To better prepare student for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, the Live Online class now uses Shormann Precalculus instead of Saxon Advanced Math. Shormann Precalculus also teaches all the concepts, including computer math, technology applications, and non-standard solution concepts, required to excel on the newly redesigned PSAT, SAT, as well as the ACT. These concepts are not taught in the Saxon Advanced Math text.

One of the major differences between Saxon and Shormann is that Shormann Precalculus has the lesson reference numbers next to each homework problem for quick, easy, re-learning of forgotten concepts. Unlike Algebra 1 and 2, the Saxon Advanced Math 1st and 2nd editions both lack this feature. This makes it much more difficult and generally takes students at least 3 semesters to complete.

Shormann Precalculus only has 100 lessons with 20 homework problems each and Saxon has 125 with 30 problems each. Shormann features interactive homework this is automatically graded which provides instant feedback, embedded links to the video lecture that teaches that homework problem and a link to a similar example problem. After each homework set is completed and the graded are recorded in the online gradebook, video solutions to every problem are displayed so you can quickly re-learn and correct missed problems.

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