Can my student retake Practice Sets?

After completing the Practice Set, the answer for each question is displayed. This means your student has seen all the correct answers before re-taking the Practice Set.

Therefore, unless there is a technical issue, we do not recommend re-taking or changing grades for Practice Sets. Instead, follow the steps on the Practice Set Instruction Sheet to re-learn and correct missed problems.

These steps are the fastest easiest way to develop mastery and long-term retention which are required to do well on the exams. The Practice Set Instruction Sheet is linked on the Course Home page and throughout the course.

Keep in mind, the Practice Sets are like baseball or piano practice. We expect students to make mistakes while learning new concepts, That's why the Practice Set grades are a small percentage of the overall grade. Most of the grade comes from the exams. Following the steps on the Instruction Sheet for Practice Sets, all the way through watching the video solutions and re-working missed problems, students will do very well on the exams.

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