Self-Paced eLearning Subscriptions: Email Address, Parent Login, and Subscription Length

Student Email Address

To enroll a student in our eLearning system, a unique email address is required. This can be any email address that is not used by another student in the eLearning system. The Student Email is used to send password reset requests, completed assignment notifications, and subscription expiration notifications. The student’s email is not visible to any other users. If your student already has an email account, set up a filter to forward all emails from to the parent email address. For detailed instructions on setting up a filter, google your email provider and "filter emails".

My student doesn't have an email account.

If your student does not have an email address, set up a gmail account (free) for each student. Then set the account to forward all emails to the parent's email account. Instructions for Gmail Accounts

I only have one email address.

You may want to set up a free Gmail account for each enrolling student. Gmail has a feature that forwards a copy of every email to the parent's email address. Instructions to Setup Gmail Forwarding. They also have a filtering feature that

Parent Email Address

The email address listed during check out should be the parent’s email. This is the address we will use to send the eLearning course login credentials. This is also the email address used to contact the parent, if needed.

Parent Login Credentials

Parents use the student's login credentials to view assignments, grades, results, etc. For your convenience, after each assignment is completed, the student can email the results page that displays all the questions, the correct answer and your student's answer. The results for each assignment can also be viewed by clicking on the assignment in the grade book. Watch the How To Monitor Student Progress video for more information.

Can I have a separate login so I can complete the course along with my child?

Yes! Simply purchase a sibling subscription (see the article below) ] to receive a separate login and complete assignments.

What is a Sibling Subscription and how do I purchase one?

When does the eLearning Subscription expire?

DIVE Science: 12 months

Shormann Interactive Math: 24 months

How long does it usually take to complete the eLearning course?

  • Shormann Math courses are usually completed in 34 - 45* weeks
  • DIVE Science courses are usually completed in 32-36 weeks.

If more time is needed, can I extend the subscription?

Yes. Please select a course type below for details.

Extend a Shormann Interactive Math Subscription

Extend a DIVE Science Subscription