How do I know my student is not guessing or cheating?

1. To learn how to ensure your student does not guess or cheat, watch this video: How to Monitor Student Progress

2. If your student is tempted to guess, here are two solutions:
  • Have the student solve all the questions on paper and show it to you before they enter any answers in the eLearning system.
  • Download the PDF of the Student Textbook. Have the student solve all the problems in the Practice Set on paper. Take away their pencil and give them a red pen. Then they can log in into the eLearning system to enter their answers, use the help links to quickly re-learn missed concepts, and correct missed problems. Parents can use the solutions manual (available upon request) to grade the homework or check the homework notes and corrections.If, after watching the video, more info is needed, read the article below

Here are some easy ways to tell if students are just guessing:

  • Low scores are a good sign that a student is just guessing.
  • No or Incomplete Homework Notes: Students are instructed to first solve each problem on their Homework Notes before entering or selecting an answer. Compare their homework notes to the PDF Solutions posted at the top of the Results Page.

Most students cheat for three reasons: math takes too long, they don't know how or where to quickly re-learn the concept, and they are overly concerned about grades. Shormann Interactive Math addresses these issues as follows:

  • Our recommended Timed Method ensures students work on math no more than an hour to an hour and a half per day, 4 to 5 days per week. Learn More: The Timed Method Develops Mastery & Fluency
  • The Practice Sets are a small percentage of the overall grade. Like baseball or piano practice, this encourages students to focus on learning, not grades.
  • Shormann Math makes it easy to quickly re-learn a missed or forgotten concept. Above each question, there is a link to a PDF of a similar example problem and a direct link to the video solution that teaches that concept. If needed, video solutions (accessible only upon completion of the Practice Set) and email support with Dr. Shormann ensure understanding of every concept.
  • Dr. Shormann continually encourages students to work "as for the Lord" with integrity and honesty.

We have found that these features, along with parental monitoring, significantly diminish the perceived need to guess or cheat.

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