How can Shormann Math have few lessons and fewer homework problems. Does it build mastery?

Saxon Math was designed for public schools, where students are placed in a class even if they have not successfully completed the prerequisites. These students require more remedial instruction (review lessons) and more practice (homework problems) to overcome gaps, achieve mastery and develop fluency. Dr. Shormann has taught Saxon Math to homeschoolers for more than 20 years. During this time, he learned to customize Saxon for homeschoolers by removing the "redundant review" while ensuring fluency. Designed specifically for homeschoolers who can work at their own pace, relearning or filling gaps as needed, Shormann Math continues John Saxon's methodology of incremental lessons, continual review, and integration of geometry and algebra, efficiently.

The features of the eLearning system also contribute to making learning more efficient. Instead of spending time digging through a book and/or notes, there are two helpful links above each homework question. One links to an example problem and one to the video lecture that teaches that concept, making re-learning forgotten concepts quick and easy. The article below has more detailed information.

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