How Long Does It Take to Complete a Lesson in Shormann Math?

The time varies based on the student’s developmental ability and the course. We recommend using the Timed Method, which means that the student will work on a lesson for the time listed below.  At the end of the time, if they have not finished the lesson, they should stop and pick up where they left off the next day.   Learn More: The Timed Method & Frustration Free Learning

Recommended Time Limit for Using the Timed Method*

  • 7th Grade: 45 minutes 
  • 8th Grade: 1 hour
  • 9th Grade: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • 10th Grade and Up: 1.5 hours - 2hours

* Please note, the time listed below is based on the average developmental ability of the student.  If you have a struggling or reluctant math student who can’t work on math for this amount of time, we recommend going down one grade level. This allows the student to develop fluency (speed and accuracy) which makes learning new concepts much faster and easier.

If your student did not use Saxon or Shormann for their previous math course, it may take longer to complete them. That’s okay! Use the Timed Method to ensure your student can learn this material without spending more than an hour or so per day and avoid becoming frustrated or overwhelmed. Learn More: The Timed Method & Frustration Free Learning

Jun 26, 2023

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