How much religious text is in the Shormann Math courses?

There is not a lot of religious text in Dr. Shormann's courses. However, he does take advantage of every opportunity to mention God and verses from the Bible. He never "preaches" a sermon, but he is not shy about talking about his faith and how "Mathematics is the language of science and a God-given tool for measuring and classifying pattern and shape."  -Dr. Shormann

In our opinion, it is NOT "religiously overwhelming". He just talks about it when it is appropriate.

Most of the Christian references are actually historical events and people that make learning math more interesting. Similar to American History, where the founders' faith had a profound effect on what they did. We also use Christianity (not religion, but a relationship with Christ), to explore faith-based aspects of math, like infinity.

FAQs: Do you have a secular version of Shormann Math?

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