Textbooks for Shormann Math

A PDF of the textbook is posted on the Course Home page of each Shormann Math course. This PDF can be printed, viewed online, or downloaded and viewed offline. However, unless you are using the course offline, there is no need to print or use the PDF of the textbook. Students should not read the lesson before watching the video lesson (they only read the Rules & Definitions which are posted in the eLearning course where needed) and they should not view the textbook during the video lesson. Instead, they should be actively taking notes and solving example problems during the video lesson.

Before printing the entire textbook, try using the course as recommended by following the  Instruction Sheets for Students in the course. This is the most efficient way to use the course to develop understanding and build fluency. Also, watch the Getting Started and How to Monitor Student Progress videos for the best, most efficient way to use our courses.

The textbook contains the Rules & Definitions, the Lessons, and the Practice Set. It does not include any quizzes or exams.

Printing Instructions: See How to Use Shormann Math Offline


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