Why are there calculus lessons in Shormann Algebra 1 & 2

There are three lessons titled, "Calculus".  However, Calculus is simply the study of rates of change (like miles per hour). We call this Calculus to help students get comfortable with this term and to gain confidence. However, these lessons only require pre-algebra level skills to learn. Only two calculus questions on the exams and most students get them right. Calculus has a strong faith component, as well as connections to biblical concepts like eternity and most modern technological advances are due to Calculus.

Shormann Math introduces calculus fundamentals in Shormann Algebra 1 and continues reviewing and teaching these concepts in Algebra 2 and Precalculus. By year 3 (precalculus), Shormann Math students will be very comfortable finding limits and will have a solid grasp of derivatives and integrals. We hope all students will continue on to Shormann Calculus, but if not, they will be more than ready for college-level calculus.

Of all the courses in college, calculus is the subject that opens the door to virtually every college major, or if the student cannot pass the class, closes the door on about 80% of majors. The first three years of Shormann Math will give students the confidence they need to take college calculus and be at a level to help their peers learn it, which can also open up opportunities to build relationships and share the gospel.

Completing 4 years of Shormann Math will allow students to possibly prepare for and pass either the CLEP or AP Calculus exam, receiving college credit for their efforts.

The Math in Calculus

The Bible in Calculus

Algebra 1 Student Success Rate on Calculus Lessons

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