Can I only complete the Geometry lessons in Shormann Algebra 2?

Note: If you are trying to place your student in the correct Shormann Math course, see: Placement Chart

If your student is currently taking Shormann algebra two, and you would like to complete only the geometry lessons, read the article below.

There is no way to complete only the geometry lessons because they are integrated with the Algebra. So, you would need to use a standalone geometry course which will have 100 to 120 lessons. However if your student completes all the Shormann Algebra 2 lessons, you will earn the second one half credit of geometry, one full credit of Algebra 2, have completed over 100 PSAT and SAT prep questions, as well as prep for the clap college algebra exam which can earn up to three college credits.

So even if it takes longer than you plan to complete this course, it will be much faster than having to do a standalone geometry course and the student will gain so much more.

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Mar 17, 2023

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