Shormann Math: When a lesson review references material from Algebra 1, how can I access the Algebra 1 lesson?

If your student is having trouble understanding a lecture, review the lesson(s) that lecture builds on. To find the review lessons, select the student textbook link under the video lecture on the assignment page. You will see a Review section that lists the lesson numbers. Review that information in the Shormann Algebra 1 Textbook, watch the video lecture for that lesson, or work some of the Practice Set problems for that lesson.

However, only do these steps only if the student does not understand the lecture. If the student is stuck on a problem in the practice set, have them follow the steps on Instruction Sheet for Practice Sets all the way through watching the video solution. Then, if he still doesn't understand, have him follow the steps above to review the concept in Algebra 1. This is much more efficient re-learning for the student and is usually all they need.

If you need more information, please email Dr. Shormann directly as instructed on the instruction sheet referenced above.

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