What is the minimum required internet speed or bandwidth for eLearning courses?

Minimum Internet Speed (bandwidth): 1 MB Downstream or Higher
Because DIVE eLearning courses are streamed from a Content Delivery Network server (like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix movies), users with slower broadband connections of 1MB downstream and 256k upstream, which is among the oldest/poorest quality connections most major internet companies offer for cable and DSL service, shouldn’t experience any major problems , as long as you do not use the bandwidth on other things simultaneously, i.e. file downloads, streaming other content.

Recommended Internet Speed: 5MB Downstream or Higher
Users with an internet speed of 5MB or higher (Downstream) can stream the content while using bandwidth on other things like downloading or streaming other content.

Satellite or Dial Up Speeds
If you use a satellite connection or old-fashioned phone dial-up at 56k, you may need to let the video load for a few minutes before playing, but it should not prevent playback.

Internet Speed Test
If you don't know your internet connection speed, a good resource is http://beta.speedtest.net which allows you to run a speed test on your specific line connection, providing your download and upload speeds, and ping (delay to server, in milliseconds). If a very low internet speed is shown or reports problems conducting the test, contact your Internet Service Provider to look for problems on the line or in your home networking – this is far more common than many users realize and, in many cases, internet companies are bound to address such issues without additional charges. Something like a frayed coaxial cable line or a failing power socket can cause great disturbance to a connection quality.

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