I took Shormann Algebra 2. Am I ready for the CLEP College Math or CLEP College Algebra exam?

Even though Shormann Algebra 2 teaches every concept on both of these CLEP exams, Dr. Shormann recommends using his 2-3 week CLEP Professor College Algebra course before attempting the exam.  This course, which is included with Shormann Algebra 2, provides specific preparation for the CLEP College Algebra exam. It also provides excellent preparation for the CLEP College Math exam if followed up with 2-3 practice exams from a CLEP College Math prep book.

When you are ready to start the CLEP Professor College Algebra course, send an email to support@diveintomath.com and request login credentials. Please include the student's name, email address, and order # for Shormann Algebra 2.

For more information on the CLEP exam, see these articles:

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