Can I exchange or upgrade my CD to the Download & Stream or eLearning format?

Policy: If within the past 5 years, you purchased a new DIVE CD from DIVE or an authorized retailer (like CBD, Seton, Rainbow) and the CD has an MP4, SF2, or SF3 printed on the face of the CD to the right of the hole, you can upgrade the CD for the same title and edition of a digital format (download, download & stream, or eLearning course).

OPENED CDs $20 Each.

UNOPENED CDS purchased within 180 days No Charge

UNOPENED CDS purchased MORE than 180 days $20

To request an upgrade, complete this form: CD Upgrade Form


EXCEPTIONS: Scripture says the Lord hates dishonest weights and measures. Therefore, we believe it is wrong to make special exceptions to our policies for a few people. Technically, the CD Upgrade Program is a special exception. We just make it into a program that is available to everyone. However, we do not make exceptions to the policies related to this program.

Don’t remember where CD was purchased.
A receipt is required to purchase an upgrade. Contact the retailers listed at the Receipt link below and ask if they have a record of your purchase.

I can't find my receipt?
A receipt is required. How do I get a copy of my receipt?

I just purchased my CD. Do I have to pay to upgrade?
If your CD is open, you will need to pay a small fee to cover the cost we are charged for the CD and setting up the student in the digital platform.

Can I process the upgrade by email?
To process the upgrade, you must mail the CD and all required documents as instructed on the form above.

I purchased or borrowed my CD from an individual.
Please click here: DIVE End User License Agreement

Which format should I select?
To learn more about the digital formats, see the CD Upgrade Form

I need to continue my course while I am waiting for the upgrade to process.
See First Two Weeks on the CD Upgrade Form

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