Can I exchange the Download & Stream format for a CD.

Download & Stream courses that have not been accessed can be exchanged within 90 days of purchase. However, the Download &

Stream format is much better than the CD because CDs are easily lost and/or damaged. Also, while we can quickly update the Download files to maintain compatibility with ever changing technology, we cannot update the files on a CD. This means the CDs are at risk of becoming incompatible with future updates to computer operating systems.

All DIVE courses, include a non-transferable End User License Agreement that grants a license to the original purchaser and their children view the content. It is illegal to sell, loan, share, or give the CD or digital course away.

The Download & Stream format can be streamed (like Netflix) and has unlimited downloads for viewing on almost every computer, device, and most Smart TVs. Internet access is only required for the initial download (you can even do it at McDonald's or a local library). The CDs can only be viewed on Macs, Linux, and Windows XP and later.

The Download & Stream format can be saved to a 4 GB USB drive, burned to a CD or stored on your computer or a portable hard drive. If you lose the digital format or accidentally delete it, simply download it again. Basically, we store and keep the digital format safe for you to use with all the children in your household. Like the DIVE CD, the VHX format cannot be sold, loaned, shared, or given away.

If you still want to exchange the VHX for the CD, complete this form: Exchange a Digital Product Request Form and we will process your request within one business day.

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