My students solves the problem correctly on paper but makes errors when entering the answers on the computer.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Watch the How to Monitor Student Progress video posted on the eLearning Course Home page.

  2. Open the Student Textbook, posted on the Course Home page, and answer the Practice Set questions on their homework notes. After all questions are completed, take away the pencil and give the student a pen (red is best). Then, the student should login to the eLearning course, and enter their answers for the Practice Set, following all the steps on the Practice Set Instruction Sheet.

  3. Using the instructions in the How to Monitor Student Progress, compare the wrong answers on the Results page to the student's homework notes. If the student solved the problem correctly on paper, but the answer was marked wrong, they probably did not follow the instructions above the question that tells them how to format their answer. Learn More: How to Enter Answers

  4. If needed, send an email to or call us at 936-372-9216 to schedule an appointment with a consultant.

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