My student's final grade is less than 75%. What can I do to raise his grade?

My student earned less than a 75 so I can’t print the certificate. What should I do to raise the grade?

  1. Check the grade book to see if there are any assignments that have no grade in column 1. If so, have the student open the assignment and complete it.
  2. Did the student score less than 80% on any exam? If so, follow the Student Exam Instructions (including supervising the student during the exams) to study and retake the exam(s).
    • If the student scored 80% or higher on the re-take, complete the grade change form on the Course Home page. If the average in the system is still not higher than a 75, add the 4 quarterly exams and divide by four. This is your new overall grade. Then, follow these steps: to create a new certificate: Instructions for Certificate of Completion
    • If the student scored less than 80% on the retake of one or more exams, consider re-taking the 10 lessons before the exam and the practice exams.
  3. Consider contacting one of our math consultants to determine whether the student should start the course over and if so where they should start: Schedule a Consulting Appointment
Apr 15, 2023

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