My student is taking Algebra 1 (or Geometry), can he take DIVE Chemistry?

The prerequisite for DIVE Chemistry, is Algebra 2 has been completed or is being taken along with DIVE Chemistry.

You may want to consider DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics which provides excellent preparation for honors level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I posted some information about this course below.

DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics (Physical Science)
Students in 8th or 9th grade who are taking Algebra 1 should take DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics. This course does an excellent job of preparing students for all upper-level science courses. To make it clear that the course should now have one full semester of introductory chemistry and one full semester of introductory physics, colleges changed the name of this requirement from Physical Science to Integrated Chemistry and Physics. This new course should not contain Earth Science concepts as this waters down the chemistry and physics concepts required to excel in upper-level science courses.

Because all the biological processes learned in Biology are driven by chemical reactions, a good understanding of introductory chemistry and physics is required to fully understand Biology. Therefore, Integrated Chemistry and Physics is recommended before Biology.

DIVE ICP is available as a CD, Download, an eLearning course. We highly recommend the self-paced eLearning format which features automated grading and grade recording. Learn More: Which Science Format Should I Choose: eLearning, Digital Download, or CD-ROM?

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May 16, 2023

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