My student has taken Biology, but can't take Chemistry because he will not be taking Algebra 2. Can he take DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics?

Integrated Physics & Chemistry (ICP) is an introductory course designed to prepare students for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics . Many colleges will not accept ICP as a high school science credit after Biology has been taken. However, if your student is not college bound or will not apply directly to a four year college, DIVE ICP is a good choice. Alternatively, see our other recommended options below:

Option 1: If the student plans to major in science and took Apologia Biology or similar course, take DIVE ICP using the accelerated schedule followed by DIVE Biology. List this as Advanced Biology with Lab on the transcript.

Option 2: Most colleges only require 3 high school sciences for non-science majors. If your student is behind in math, take a break from science and use the extra time to catch up on math. Then, start DIVE Chemistry when the student starts Algebra 2.

Option 3. Take DIVE Earth Science as a standard high school course. Most colleges view Earth Science as a distinguished science course. Originally designed as a middle school course, DIVE Earth Science is easily modified to earn high school credit. However, it is not as rigorous as Integrated Chemistry & Physics, providing some extra time to work on math. Learn More:  How to use DIVE Earth Science as a high school course?

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