My student is going into 9th grade and taking Pre-Algebra (or Saxon 87). Can he take Biology instead of ICP?

Instead of Biology, Dr. Shormann recommends DIVE Earth Science which can be used as a high school science credit. Then, take ICP in 10th grade, Biology in 11th grade, and Chemistry (or Physics) in 12th grade.

Earth Science will be easier than Biology and allow your student more time to "catch up" in math. The math sections of the SAT and PSAT are half of the score. So math should be the priority.

If the student is taking Algebra 1, DIVE ICP can be taken over the summer, before Biology, using our accelerated pace schedule. See this article for details: Why Do You Recommend Integrated Chemistry & Physics before Biology?

For Pre-Algebra, Dr. Shormann recommends Shormann Prealgebra Self-Paced eCourse, Based on John Saxon’s teaching methods, this self-paced eLearning course features daily video lessons, interactive assignments with automated grading and grade recording, video solutions, Q&A support, and much more.  After 20 years of teaching math to hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers around the world, I have seen the importance of developing fluency (speed and accuracy) in the essential skills that make learning Algebra 1 faster and easier.  Learn More: Shormann Pre-Algebra Self-Paced eCourse


DIVE Earth Science eLearning Course Teacher Guide

Lab Workbook for DIVE Earth Science - CD, Download, and eLearning


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What do you recommend for Pre-Algebra?

May 17, 2023

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