The eLearning System incorrectly marked my answer wrong or is not grading properly.

While the student may have solved the problem correctly, this issue is generally caused by not following the specific instructions above the question. Often, these instructions will tell the student to enter only one step in the solution or a part of the answer. These types of questions ensure the student is working the problem on paper first and they prepare students for college math and standardized tests where these types of questions are often asked.

If the student hasn’t already, have them complete the remaining problems in the Practice Set, then select Submit All and Finish. Look at the answer on the Results page and you can easily see the answer that should have been entered. If the answer the student entered is exactly the same (no spaces, extra digits, etc) as the one listed on the results page, please complete the Ask Dr. Shormann form posted under Contact in the top right menu of our website. He will fix the issue and adjust the student’s grade.

If the student did not enter the answer exactly as instructed, we do not recommend changing the grade. The practice sets are just practice so the grades are only a small percentage of the overall grade. This is a good opportunity for the student to learn a very important lesson about following instructions without affecting their grade very much.

If you haven’t already, it is critical that you print the Practice Set Instruction Sheet, posted on the Course Home page in the eLearning system and MAKE SURE THE STUDENT FOLLOWS THESE STEPS DAILY! These steps are the most efficient way to complete the daily homework while developing fluency.

I have posted a link below that has some other time-saving tips for using Shormann Math.

Time-Saving Tips for Shormann Math

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