My science course expired before I finished it.

To ensure students have more than enough time to complete them, DIVE Science eLearning courses (32-36 week courses), and all included materials, are licensed for use by one student for 12 months. If you need more time, please see the following options below:

Extend a Subscription (same student) $20
To extend your subscription for up to 12 months, Purchase an Extension for an eLearning Science Course This fee covers the costs charged to us by the platforms used to host and manage the courses as well as the tech services to set up the course.

Free Grade Report
If you only need the grades from your course, Request a Grade Report

Sibling Subscription $20
To purchase or learn more about a discounted subscription for a sibling in your household: What is a Sibling Subscription and how do I buy one?


I don't need 12 months, can I get a shorter extension at a reduced or no cost?
The eLearning system charges us for each student enrolled, for up to 12 months. If we re-enroll the student for 2 days or 12 months, we are charged the same fee.

I only want my grades.
If all you need is a grade report, please see: Request a Grade Report

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